About Us

Hikaru Shipping Line was established in 2012, commercially Head Quartered in Dubai- a truly global and regional Hub.

The company has grown beyond a regional boutique carrier, aiming to become a global player specialized in moving your merchandise from most significant exporting regions of the world to variety of niche markets in the north eastern hemisphere. This has been achieved by launching deep-sea routes that supplement Hikaru’s potent regional network in the Arabian Gulf. 

At a glance agility and adaptability are main characteristics of Hikaru Shipping Line DMCC. It has furthered the benchmarks of efficiency by utilizing Supply Chain Management techniques and resilient strategies in order to identify what customers and market stakeholders truly value and finally operate in such segments successfully.

Hikaru Shipping line DMCC is proud to have accomplished so much with its agile and flexible management and its never-tiring team of experts with decades of experience and it continues to grow with the aim of adding tangible values into the industry.  


Mission and Vision

To lead the way towards creative Logistics and Marine Transport Solutions not limited to classic Liner services but by discovering the uncharted territories; and in the processes, to be a flexible and reliable partner for Businesses who think of tomorrow.